Physiotherapy Musculoskeletal Blog

This physiotherapy blog discusses the musculoskeletal system, focusing on specific body areas to enrich understanding of common issues and Arcadia’s physiotherapy approach.

Here you will find helpful videos, exercise break-downs, and the odd philosophical musing. I explain concepts, explore anatomy, raise questions and throw in ideas – all to get your brain ticking and get knowledgeable and excited about your own body and its wonderful workings!

Let’s Relax about… Relaxin

The Psoas Connection – Legs, Back and Soul

Are Your Ribs Trapped in their Own Cage?

Are Your Ribs Trapped in their Own Cage?

Why Whiplash is Here to Stay

Free Your Face

Gentle January – Change or Consolidate?

The Humble Buttock

The Humble Buttock

A (Cautionary) Winter’s Tale

Shoulder Pain? Get Pushy!

Every Breath You Take