Massage & Facial Massage

Leg Massage at Arcadia Physiotherapy Nottingham
Massage therapy has many benefits, not just in the ‘feel good factor’ you experience afterwards, but also affirmed in the clinically researched evidence.

It can:
– Reduce muscle tone and tension (Holey and Cook, 2011)
– Reduce in chronic and non-specific back pain (Furlan et al, 2008) – Stimulate the lymph system, which is responsible for filtering toxins out of your tissues (Beck, 1994, Holey & Cook, 2011)
– Reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (e.g. post-event) (Cheung et al, 2003).

Massage: Method, Myth… or Magic?

“In the beginning… there was massage. Thousands of years old, this discipline has been used to soothe tired muscles, promote healing and even as a pathway to meditation and enlightenment.

On a more temporal bent, patients often ask me what effect it’s having, how it works and how long will any benefits last? …”