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Kathryn helped me understand what was happening to my muscles after I dislocated my knee a few months ago, which…

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Kathryn Peden

Lead Physiotherapist

"I will bring my enthusiasm, knowledge and empathy to your problem.”

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Physiotherapy Nottingham

Welcome to Arcadia Physiotherapy, solving sports and lifestyle aches and pains, pelvic and post natal issues.

We use a range of treatments and skills – exercise rehabilitation, acupuncture, massage and myofascial release. Take a comfy seat and take your time to tell me your story – I look forward to helping you!

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Ice, Heat… or M.E.A.T?

16th July 2019

I’m often asked to clarify whether ice or heat is appropriate (or correct) for treating injuries. For a long time P.R.I.C.E. has been the recommendation, and it makes a lot of sense: P – Protection: Logical. Remove your injured area or yourself from the location or mechanism of injury. If your hand has already sharply […]

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Constipation – The Easy Solution

10th July 2019

Pain. Strain. Blood. Bad Smell. In any other part of the body, avoiding these goes without saying, and if they do occur we generally take steps to address them. But in the bathroom, these are so commonplace that they seem almost ‘the norm’, or ‘normal for me’. In my previous blog I described these common […]

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Constipation – The Loo Taboo

10th July 2019

Why is it so hard to talk about our toilet habits? It seems to be generally accepted that it’s not polite, a hangover from the Victorian age. For centuries the output of the body has been seen as dirty, shameful, and even associated with the devil (for more on that, listen to my podcast here!). […]

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