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Struggling to see a physiotherapist?

Our online courses will enrich your knowledge, empower you to understand the causes and symptoms, and start taking action to resolve them.

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Kathryn Peden

Lead Physiotherapist

"I will bring my enthusiasm, knowledge and empathy to your problem.”

About Us

Physiotherapy Nottingham

Welcome to Arcadia Physiotherapy, solving sports and lifestyle aches and pains, pelvic and post natal issues.

We use a range of treatments and skills – exercise rehabilitation, acupuncture, massage and myofascial release. Take a comfy seat and take your time to tell me your story – I look forward to helping you!

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Helpful Videos (Women’s Health)

7th November 2018

There is such a huge amount still to learn and be researched around women (and men’s!) pelvic health. Here are some fantastic places to start, from science, to spirituality, to comedy! Welcome to Arcadia’s resources: this page holds a range of videos to remind you of the technique for some of your exercises, as well […]

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Helpful Videos

7th November 2018

Welcome to our video resources: this page holds a range of videos to remind you of the technique for some remedial exercises we use. Head, Neck & Shoulders

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Sexual Health and Happiness Podcast: Education and Toys with Sam Evans of Jo Divine

8th June 2018

Why is sex so difficult to talk about? Why, despite the wealth of information out there, are so many people unable to enjoy a happy sex life? Kathryn chats with former nurse Samantha Evans of sex toy website Jo Divine, busting myths, gaining fascinating insights and crucially loads of suggestions on where to find out […]

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