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I gain a huge amount of learning and enjoyment from working with you, my lovely clients.

I hope you get a great deal too, and I’d be hugely grateful if you’d be happy to share your experience by leaving a review on Google. This is the best place for any review to go, so please do leave your thoughts on there.

Thank you!

Reviews from our Google page

Elaine Haywood | 10 months ago |

Would definitely recommend Arcadia to anyone looking for a sympathetic and expert physiotherapist. Felt very safe visiting in present circumstances and had a good outcome after a short course of treatment.

Caroline Raven | 6 months ago |

I went to see Kathryn at Arcadia Physio due to pelvic symptoms related to the menopause. She was extremely professional from start to finish - the perfect combination of empathetic and discrete, whilst clearly being extremely knowledgeable. I would highly recommend.

Sarah Elliott | 8 months ago |

I wish I gone to see Kathryn sooner! Issues with pelvic floor health were impacting my every day life. Not only was Kathryn empathetic, knowledgable and skilled; she has also been able to help. I found Kathryn to have a kind approach and she was very comprehensive in her explanations and guidance. Kathryn is very thorough and able to devise an effective and achievable plan. She also took the time to listen - really listen. I wholeheartedly recommend Kathryn.

Tracey Horan | 10 months ago |

My menopause specialist recommended Kathryn and I’m so thankful she did! Kathryn’s fabulous advice and guidance means I do not need to visit Kathryn in person for now, but I will definitely book to see her again. Kathryn is so knowledgeable in all things Women’s Health, her thorough yet gentle examinations should be recommended to all women as a self care package throughout their menopausal years! I can’t Thank Kathryn enough and I highly recommend!

Natalie Smith | 9 months ago |

I visited Kathryn during pregnancy mainly due to back pain and hip pain. I found the sessions really helpful and saw an improvement within a short space of time. Kathryn is really friendly and easy to talk to which was great.

Reviews from elsewhere

Pam | 01/11/2018 |

When I had my prolapse I thought my life was over. I was pretty fit for my age, but all at once I was scared to walk more than 200 yards at a time, never mind do Pilates or lift anything heavier than two pounds. The emotional impact was traumatic: I was 69, had grey hair and a hip replacement, but nothing made me feel as old as my prolapse.

Kathryn has turned that round. Her combination of precise diagnosis, sound advice and unrelenting positivity persuaded me that prolapse is not the end of the world. She is passionate about breaking the silence around this area of women’s health and sharing her knowledge.

Kathryn – you need to write that book!

Amelia | 29/06/2018 |

I went to see Kathryn after I took up running as a hobby. It turned out that my pelvic floor was weaker than I thought. I had leaked when coughing, sneezing, jumping, laughing too hard... following the birth of my second child in 2012.

Embarrassment and denial had put me off seeking help previously but running had made the problem so much more noticeable and the 'leaks' had become 'gushes' every time I ran. I was using incontinence pads and it was uncomfortable and difficult. Things came to a head in 2017 a year after I started running and I plucked up the courage to get help.

Kathryn took the time to listen to me, not judge me for not getting help sooner and work out what my issues are. She helped me to understand my body in a new way and taught me lots of different exercises to help my pelvic floor learn how to behave and respond how it should.

Kathryn was so patient and understanding. Now I can run and there are no leaks, not even little ones! I feel like a new woman. Thank you so much.

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