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The sessions with Kathryn have improved my life.

It was a huge pleasure and relief to meet Kathryn. Her knowledge, expertise and professionalism the subject of women's health physiotherapy is an immense help to all women. Not only does she have an extensive knowledge of the body and the physiological implications that affect women at all stages of life she has a sincere conduct and respectful nature that immediately makes you feel safe and supported. Kathryn gives you the time to really find solutions to your problems. The sessions with Kathryn have improved my life. I thoroughly recommend her services to all.

1st class service

Kathryn physio really helped me with my ongoing back problem, I normally have to take medication to help it settle down after a sessions with Kathryn and her acupuncture I now have no need for the medication and my back seems far stronger. I would recommend Arcadia physio to all who needs it. 1st class service from a wonderful, professional Physiotherapist.

by Ruth Hogg on Blank Business Name
I would recommend Arcadia Physiotherapy to anyone needing physio

After carrying and giving birth two children I found that a year later my stomach muscles still wouldn't come back together (a condition named Rectus Abdominis Postpartum). Seeking advice to help me find out what exercises I should and shouldn't do to get my core stability and strength back brought me to arranging an appointment with Kathryn. Straight away she knew what the issue was and was able to set me some simple exercises to do daily. After two months repeating and building on these exercises I can now say that the gap between my stomach muscles has completely gone (although rather a lot more work is required if I want a flat stomach again)!

Kathryn is easy to talk to, listens attentively and 'knows her stuff'. She gave me online links to demonstrations of the exercises she set me so I could check the correct positioning after our appointment, and she ensured I attended a follow up appointment shortly after my first one, to check I was doing the exercises correctly and not practicing bad habits.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Kathryn to anyone seeking physiotherapy. She is very professional, passionate about her work, and my personal progress demonstrates that what she advises really works (providing you do your exercises religiously)!

Thank you Kathryn

by Debbie West on Blank Business Name
Fabulous Pelvic Prolapse workshop

I attended Kathryn's Pelvic Proplapse workshop in Bristol yesterday and was throughly impressed with her knowledge and easy to digest presentation. I've come away inspired and ready to pass on my new knowledge to my Pilates clients. Thank you.

by Matt B on Blank Business Name
Kathryn is amazing.

Kathryn has an amazing ability to listen, look at the physical problems, take in your life style and ultimately work on your goals and she actually cares. You're not just "another" patient.
She explains things with passion and makes you feel confident.
Her mix of techniques for treating issues have already put me in a better place. Do the exercises, listen to her advice and you will be on the road to recovery in no time.

by Suzy Gunn on Blank Business Name

I visited Kathryn in November last year as I had been in a lot of pain with Plantar fasciitis, back pain and various other niggles. Kathryn took a good look over the injured areas and listened to symptoms before putting together a plan of attack which included some simple and manageable exercises and a plan going forward. She makes everything seem really simple and explains injury in a really clear way as well as how it can be fixed. Three months on I no longer have any pain in my heel and the back pain is easing tremendously. After putting up with pain on a daily basis for months, to be free of this is glorious! I am back at the gym and my highly physical job is no longer a problem. I would highly recommend visiting Kathryn.

Excellent physio session

My post-natal physio session with Kathryn was really useful and informative. She was able to tell me the reason for my problem which has helped me to feed empowered with the management of it. She gave me some useful practical exercises to address the issue and lifestyle tips. She really put me at ease during the session and I left already feeling a lot better about my problem. Thank you for your help Kathryn!

by Samantha Culshaw-Robinson on Blank Business Name
Kathryn knows her stuff

I went to see Kathryn after my hip "gave way" a few times recently. I was reassured by my GP that it was nothing serious, but I wanted to prevent it from happening again, or even getting worse. Kathryn gave me simple exercises and sent me videos so that I can ensure that I keep doing them correctly. In the past I have thought I was keeping up the good work when given exercises, but when I went back for further treatment, I found that I had modified them so that they weren't so effective. I trust her not to keep me coming for sessions that I don't need and also to supervise the work that I am doing at home. She is very professional and knowledgeable, but friendly at the same time. Thanks!

by Adam Cook on Blank Business Name
Exceeded my expectations!

Having suffered with a bad back, hip and leg for almost 10 years and been to numerous doctors, physio and chiropractor appointments already, I have to say I wasn't particularly optimistic that Kathryn would be any different... how wrong could one guy be?! Kathryn was a breath of fresh air with her friendly, professional and humorous approach to her work. After assessing my several "niggles", Kathryn quickly got to work treating me through a mix of physio, acupuncture, massage and exercises which cumulatively, worked wonders! I felt like a new man after a few sessions and now I’m pain free the vast majority of the time, which is something I thought I would never be able to say. Kathryn genuinely cares about her work, which is evident from the moment you meet her - her attention to detail and passion for her clients is, in my experience, rare. Fantastic service from an excellent physio!

by Hannah Hughes on Blank Business Name
Fab physio!

I was impressed by Kathryn's thoroughness- asking lots of questions and different manipulations to assess the problem. She has a great manner, I was very comfortable with her. I would definitely recommend Kathryn if you need any physio attention!

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Arcadia therapy blurb tick“@arcadiatherapy amazing session working on my shoulder pain. Feel like a new person! Would highly recommend!” ~ Charli (On Twitter)

Arcadia therapy blurb tick“I have to say that I am impressed that you followed up the session with your email containing the video and also your additional thoughts about my knee. I can see now why my wife kept telling me to go and see you!” ~ Matthew

Arcadia therapy blurb tickCase Study: Long Term Sciatica

Mr B was working in a sedentary job after injury 14 years earlier had meant a move away from an active lifestyle. This developed into sciatica for over a decade, and a resignation to a fairly static lifestyle, despite having two young children.

On physiotherapy assessment, it became apparent that although Mr B did have sciatic symptoms, these were actually caused BY his stiffness and movement restrictions, rather than being the cause of them – it was not ‘true’ sciatica but rather ‘pseudo sciatica’ – read about the difference here. This meant that there was no serious pathology of the vertebral disk, despite a history of fractured vertebrae, and his recovery was quick and lasting. I’ll let him tell you in his own words:

“Having suffered the after effects of a fractured vertebrae and acute sciatica on and off for approximately 14 years I was of the opinion that I was likely to suffer with a level pain and discomfort for life however Kathryn’s treatment has been nothing short of remarkable. She quickly diagnosed and treated my long term injuries and strains and in just a few appointments and I am now on the road to recovery, gaining strength, flexibility and most importantly, confidence in my back. Now pain free, I am again participating in sporting activities, something that I had given up due to the after effects. The exercises Kathryn has given for me do do as ‘homework’ between visits have improved my flexibility immensely. I have received treatment from several Physiotherapy practices with limited success since my initial injury years ago but my progress under Kathryn’s treatment has been by far the most successful. I would certainly recommend seeing her if you are suffering pain and discomfort” ~ Mr B (view on Google+)

In a recent correspondence with him, he was happy to report that “The good news is that my back has caused me no problems whatsoever, my flexibility has remained good and I have suffered no ill effects despite doing a lot of manual work since my last visit to you”.

Arcadia therapy blurb tick““I have had regular massages with Arcadia Physio as part of my training for an ultra-marathon. Kat’s passion for sport and knowledge of the muscular and skeletal system has been integral in my improvements and ability to ramp up the miles. The massage sessions are also good for chat and Kat is able to talk nicely as she inflicts pain (in a good, calculated way I’m told) to my already punished legs.” ~ Hannah

Arcadia therapy blurb tickI cannot recommend Arcadia Massage Therapy too highly! I now know how it should be done: professional, very helpful and delightful. I learnt so much in 90 minutes! Thanks Kathryn!” ~ Nigel

Arcadia therapy blurb tick““As well as an effective session, I was also sent a follow up email explaining further about the stretches and foam rolling techniques I should be using in between appointments to best aid my recovery. It’s the little things that count!” ~ Dee

Arcadia therapy blurb tickKat saved my climbing holiday. After almost dislocating my shoulder, I had only two weeks to repair before a high intensity climbing holiday. Kat was brilliant and after diagnosing the location of the muscle damage proceeded to give remedial sports massage significantly reducing the pain I was in. Through physio and a final last sports massage, I was able to recover to a state where I was able to begin climbing again. I am certain that I would not have had the rate of recovery without Kat’s help. Thank you!” ~ Tom

Arcadia therapy blurb tick“Had my initial assessment yesterday with Kat who identified my issues, gave me some very useful and easy to follow advice. Then I received a wonderfully relaxing massage that both de-knotted and de-stressed me. Kat is professional, friendly and totally knows her stuff. I totally recommend Arcadia Therapy and can’t wait ’til my next session” ~ Michael

2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. jo

    what a great experience. Kathryn is professional, experienced and responsive.
    she really knows what she is doing – recommended to friends already
    big thank you

  2. Emma

    Kathryn physio really helped me with my ongoing back problem, I normally have to take medication to help it settle down after a sessions with Kathryn and her acupuncture I now have no need for the medication and my back seems far stronger. I would recommend Arcadia physio to all who needs it. 1st class service from a wonderful, professional Physiotherapist.

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