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Massage therapy has many benefits, not just in the ‘feel good factor’ you experience afterwards, but also affirmed in the clinically researched evidence.

It can:

  • Reduce muscle tone and tension (Holey and Cook, 2011)
  • Reduce in chronic and non-specific back pain (Furlan et al, 2008)
  • Stimulate the lymph system, which is responsible for filtering toxins out of your tissues (Beck, 1994, Holey & Cook, 2011)
  • Reduce delayed onset muscle soreness (e.g. post-event) (Cheung et al, 2003).

Massage: Method, Myth… or Magic?

“In the beginning… there was massage. Thousands of years old, this discipline has been used to soothe tired muscles, promote healing and even as a pathway to meditation and enlightenment.

On a more temporal bent, patients often ask me what effect it’s having, how it works and how long will any benefits last? …”

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