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What is Physiotherapy? It is literally ‘physical therapy’ – a therapy focused on the physical aspects of life, i.e. movement and function. These basic features of life are often affected by injury, illness or disability, and they don’t have to involve significant trauma to make a big impact on a person’s life.

Physiotherapy identifies the true cause of your problem, be that your environment (like a poor desk posture) your movement (for example tall people having to stoop their whole lives!) or your function (is your body and all its components working in harmony, or is there a weak link somewhere?).

The assessment is both active and passive: your physio will ask you to move in various ways related to your problem, perhaps performing a movement or series of movements so they can determine what is contributing to your pain or discomfort. There will also be a ‘passive’ assessment, where your physio will assess by touch, or ask you to relax while they move your limbs without your active involvement.

The treatment you receive will depend on your unique situation. You may have massage or acupuncture to release and relieve tensions, and usually you will be given ‘self management tools’ – stretches and exercises to progress your condition towards a resolution. Again these depend on you – is your goal just to be pain-free? Run a marathon? To be able to put your socks on?

Nobody who comes to Arcadia will be given exactly the same solution as someone else, because everyone is an individual.

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£70 for 60 minutes Women's Health Physio Initial Assessment

£62 for 60 minutes Physiotherapy Initial Assessment

£42 for 30 minutes In Person or Virtual Follow Ups

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