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The Knitting Physio

Stumbling through slush on my way home from work one dark and stormy afternoon in December, I saw a shimmering light in the distance, a few doors up the hill from my clinic. Drawing closer, the glow became gradually clearer… it transformed into a kaleidoscope of colour, a wonderous mountain of wool! And at its heart, the personal glow of Eleanor at Knit Nottingham.

Once safe inside her adorable little shop, floor to ceiling, it was hard not to get immediately enthused by all the cozy string, the floor to ceiling vibrancy, and by Eleanor herself, who merrily knitted a tiny intricate sock with four needles at the same time, while giving forth a stream of positive and entertaining nattering. Within minutes, we had bonded over some lime green yarn and I had agreed to do a guest blog for her, as apparently knitters get all sore in the back, shoulders and neck, and my opinion was required! As a fairwinter crocheter myself, I was delighted, and love the idea of combining two previously unrelated passions!

Have a read of my guest blog here and get yourself down to 91 Mansfield Road Nottingham for all your knitting needs, and a jolly good yarn too!