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Ice, Heat… or M.E.A.T?

16th July 2019

I’m often asked to clarify whether ice or heat is appropriate (or correct) for treating injuries. For a long time P.R.I.C.E. has been the recommendation, and it makes a lot of sense: P – Protection: Logical. Remove your injured area or yourself from the location or mechanism of injury. If your hand has already sharply […]

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Constipation – The Easy Solution

10th July 2019

Pain. Strain. Blood. Bad Smell. In any other part of the body, avoiding these goes without saying, and if they do occur we generally take steps to address them. But in the bathroom, these are so commonplace that they seem almost ‘the norm’, or ‘normal for me’. In my previous blog I described these common […]

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Constipation – The Loo Taboo

10th July 2019

Why is it so hard to talk about our toilet habits? It seems to be generally accepted that it’s not polite, a hangover from the Victorian age. For centuries the output of the body has been seen as dirty, shameful, and even associated with the devil (for more on that, listen to my podcast here!). […]

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Helpful Videos

7th November 2018

Welcome to our video resources: this page holds a range of videos to remind you of the technique for some remedial exercises we use. Head, Neck & Shoulders

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The Psoas Connection – Legs, Back and Soul

1st September 2016

Psoas – how do you even say that? “So-ass”. Lying deep inside your abdomen, connecting your upper and lower body like no other muscle, most people have no awareness it’s even there. Even when it ‘goes wrong’, it usually manifests in other locations we are far more familiar with: Low back pain difficulty getting up […]

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Are Your Ribs Trapped in their Own Cage?

13th April 2016

How stiff ribs can lead to back pain, hernias and hunching… In a previous post, Every Breath You Take, I talked about the risks of ‘chest breathing’. This is the habit of primarily using your ribs and chest muscles to breathe in and out rather than your abdomen, and this can lead to brain fog, […]

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Why Whiplash is Here to Stay

17th February 2016

For February I’m getting it in the neck, with an insight into the world of whiplash. Some politicians would like to tell you it doesn’t exist, but for those who have experienced it, it can truly be a life-changer. The neck houses not just the muscles, bones and ligaments that allow such amazing range of […]

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Free Your Face

14th January 2016

This post is the first in a 12-part series that takes us through different body parts, introducing them from a health and wellbeing perspective and with lots of resources for anyone wishing to find out more. I thought I’d start ‘from the top’… with the head and face itself. So much to cover this fascinating […]

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Gentle January – Change or Consolidate?

4th January 2016

Happy New Year to you all! I hope you had a wonderful break and are back to your routines feeling a bit brighter and more bushy-tailed! There’s a lot going around about changing habits, starting new routines and taking on the world in January. But, unusually for a physio, I am going to challenge that. […]

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The Humble Buttock

9th November 2015

Though they show an often brash exterior, and are too commonly exploited for commercial gain, the buttocks are really just big softies. The Gluteus Maximi are the biggest single muscle (or two) of the body, yet they are situated not in a place for attack, but for propulsion, padding, and the occasional appreciative pat. Empowered […]

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A (Cautionary) Winter’s Tale

5th November 2015

If you don’t have time to read the whole of this blog, here’s the tall and the short of it. I used to be an angry driver. And then I fell in love. Then I got hit by a car. And now I am afraid. Honestly. I try my hardest to be a ‘nice’ person […]

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Shoulder Pain? Get Pushy!

20th October 2015

How come Arnold Schwarzenegger is so good at pushing people around? Well apart from his alarming size, he has excellent use of his Serratus Anterior – what I call the ‘Arnie Muscle’. Yes Folks, it’s not just a muscle for bodybuilders and boxers, we all have these. One of the more unusual muscles of the […]

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