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Should Menopause be Diagnosed?

31st July 2018

In a solo session, Pamela discusses the negativity surrounding menopause and our tendency to treat it as a ‘problem’ or ‘disease’. She suggests the real reason for your hot sweats and other symptoms, and how some informed self-care can make a positive difference! Find out: – Why we shouldn’t be scared of our menopause – […]

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Hormone Testing For Women’s Health Problems: With Maria Claps

2nd March 2018

Do you have a vague collection of symptoms, that you can’t seem to shift, like overall fatigue, brain fog, weird periods, feeling emotional or angry but not sure why? This podcast’s guest, Maria Claps of Nourish and Flourish Health felt the same, and at 42, she started noticing signs of the peri-menopause and was unsure […]

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Breasts and Breast Health with KH Physiotherapy

10th February 2018

Why don’t we talk more about breasts? There’s a lot more to them than we think. Quite complex structures, they have amazing capacity to change, grow, feed our babies and are an important sign of our overall health too. Kathryn sits down with Kerstine Herbert from KH Physiotherapy to discuss all things boob-related. In this […]

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What is Clean Eating?

20th January 2018

What is Clean Eating? Clean eating is not about looking skinny or forever young. Our bodies are made from what we eat (and absorb in the gut), and this affects everything from concentration to sleep quality to organ function. Yes there are obvious benefits of energy and clear skin, which of course we want, but […]

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Understanding Your Hormones, with Pamela Windle

26th December 2017

Have you ever wished you could understand what on earth is going on with your hormones? Trying to work out why your sex drive is low, why you’re lacking in energy and why you just don’t feel like yourself? Kathryn picks Pamela’s professional brain about all things hormonal, from puberty to menopause, covering why Oestrogen […]

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Self Care: Are You Listening to Your Body? With Dr Stan Cross

14th December 2017

Pamela and Dr Stan Cross discuss how our bodies are always sending us messages through our symptoms, but most of us don’t listen, or don’t know how to listen properly, and suffer as a result. They talk about attitudes and solutions to women’s health issues, from continence and thyroid problems, to new types of stress […]

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How to get the Best Out of Your Relationship – With Wendy Capwell

26th November 2017

In this Podcast, Pamela had the pleasure of talking to Wendy Capewell about everything from how to help your relationship with your partner survive the teenage years, what to do when you’re stuck in a rut and also how to take care of yourself and meet your own needs. You can find Wendy here: Website: […]

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Naturopathic Colon Hydrotherapy, With Jane Bush

26th October 2017

Welcome to the 3D Woman Podcast! Today’s episode is with Jane Bush from Gedling Colonics, who is a Naturopathic Colon Hydrotherapist. We talk poo, jetwashing, Satan and faecal implants – and of course a tour guide around what Colonics are and how they can help you. Get in touch with Jane at Gedling Colonics or […]

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