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What is Clean Eating?

What is Clean Eating?

Clean eating is not about looking skinny or forever young. Our bodies are made from what we eat (and absorb in the gut), and this affects everything from concentration to sleep quality to organ function.

Yes there are obvious benefits of energy and clear skin, which of course we want, but true clean eating is not about ‘good’ or ‘bad’ foods, it’s more of a philosophy.

Pamela discusses the origin of Clean Eating thinking, busts a few myths about what the risks are and shares how true clean eating (the easy way) can help you. She explains:

– Why social media isn’t the real face of clean eating

– Why nourishing food, rather than dieting is key to losing weight and overall health

– How to make healthier food choices every single time and make small, effective changes

– What aspects of a modern diet are holding you back and actually adding pounds and hormonal stress

Enjoy the podcast and get in touch with Pamela at Smarter Change for more information or to set up an appointment with her.