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Hormone Testing For Women’s Health Problems: With Maria Claps

woman being splashed with waterDo you have a vague collection of symptoms, that you can’t seem to shift, like overall fatigue, brain fog, weird periods, feeling emotional or angry but not sure why?

This podcast’s guest, Maria Claps of Nourish and Flourish Health felt the same, and at 42, she started noticing signs of the peri-menopause and was unsure of what to do for herself, without wanting to rely on medication or HRT. This started her on a journey of discovery, and now Maria helps other women understand their own unique symptoms and overcome them with specialist advice and lifestyle changes.

Pamela and Maria chat about the peri-menopause, covering:

– The importance of advanced hormone testing for menopause and peri menopause and what it can tell you beyond what the standard NHS tests

– Maria’s early peri-menopause at 42 and what she did

– What bio-identical hormones and high-grade nutritional supplements can do for your health

– What’s behind your poor sleep and low energy

– Why you can test your hormones at any age – even post menopausal!

– What is Methylation and how does it affect your overall health

– Why what you do now can impact your wellbeing decades in the future

– What she wishes she’d known earlier

Enjoy the podcast and get in touch with Pamela at Smarter Change for more information or to set up an appointment with her.