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Should Menopause be Diagnosed?

In a solo session, Pamela discusses the negativity surrounding menopause and our tendency to treat it as a ‘problem’ or ‘disease’. She suggests the real reason for your hot sweats and other symptoms, and how some informed self-care can make a positive difference!

Find out:

– Why we shouldn’t be scared of our menopause

– How your environment affects how you feel – considering both your interpersonal relationships, and your physical environment such as sleep and daylight

– How small lifestyle changes can reduce your symptoms

– Why the contraceptive pill is a factor in your menopause, even if you haven’t taken it for years (and what you can about it)

– How to recognise the peri-menopause

– Why even negative language has an impact on your experience

Enjoy the podcast and get in touch with Pamela at Smarter Change for more information or to set up an appointment with her.