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Breasts and Breast Health with KH Physiotherapy

woman side breast tasteful imageWhy don’t we talk more about breasts? There’s a lot more to them than we think. Quite complex structures, they have amazing capacity to change, grow, feed our babies and are an important sign of our overall health too.

Kathryn sits down with Kerstine Herbert from KH Physiotherapy to discuss all things boob-related. In this podcast we cover why after our school years we seem to stop paying them attention, how to stop your boobs sagging, how to get a bra that fits and why it’s so important, and futuristic sportswear!

Listen to the podcast to learn:

– Why poorly fitting bras can cause huge problems

– Five top facts about our boobs and how to work out your correct bra size

– How breast tissue can get damaged and how to avoid it

– Why wearing a bra isn’t a necessary part of having breasts (but it can help)

– The surprising things you can do to promote healthy breasts

– Running, and the truth about what it does to your breasts

So sit down and relax, and take a moment to appreciate your amazing boobs! For more information if you’d like to get in touch with Kerstine you can find her at KH Physiotherapy.