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Self Care: Are You Listening to Your Body? With Dr Stan Cross

Pamela and Dr Stan Cross discuss how our bodies are always sending us messages through our symptoms, but most of us don’t listen, or don’t know how to listen properly, and suffer as a result.

They talk about attitudes and solutions to women’s health issues, from continence and thyroid problems, to new types of stress and fun, the opportunities and challenges for medical and healthcare services, as well as women ourselves, in the future.

Dr Stan Cross is an author, chiropractor and functional nutritionist.

They cover the risks of inflammation, the challenges of thyroid problems, and the crucial importance of diet, exercise, and fun!

Listen to the podcast to learn:

– Why relaxation is not being ‘lazy’, it’s actually essential for health

– How your hormones affect the level of inflammation in your body

– How your sleep patterns affect your health overall

– Why plastic bottles and using cosmetics affect your hormone balance

– Stress and Thyroid problems and their effects

– Why fun is essential!

– Why exercise and cleaner eating is so essential

Enjoy the podcast and get in touch with Pamela at Smarter Change for more information or to set up an appointment with her.