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Helpful Videos (Women’s Health)

There is such a huge amount still to learn and be researched around women (and men’s!) pelvic health. Here are some fantastic places to start, from science, to spirituality, to comedy!

Welcome to Arcadia’s resources: this page holds a range of videos to remind you of the technique for some of your exercises, as well as further listening, concept explanations and more resources.

Pelvic Floor Strengthening

The Secret to Pelvic Floor Activation

How to combine PF strengthening with everyday activities

Pelvic Floor Relaxation

Yoga to Release the Pelvic Floor

To function properly when you need it to, the pelvic floor needs a chance to relax as well as strengthen, just like any other muscle. So many of us are focusing on tightening them, we forget to lengthen too. This video gives some techniques to relax the pelvic floor and explains how it naturally works with the diaphragm and the breath.

How to Activate your Lower Abdominals

The lower abdominal muscles are part of the abdominal cylinder and co-contract with your pelvic floor muscles. Activation and strength are often reduced or lost after pregnancy, to the detriment of harmony in the core. This video shows how to safely activate them. However, get assessed for diastasis rectus (abdominal separation) before trying this exercise.

Constipation and Continence

The Science Behind Toilet Positioning for Constipation Relief

This video is an hilarious but informative intro to how something as simple as changing your position on the toilet can make a huge difference to your bowel movements, and help with related conditions such as constipation and haemorrhoids.

How to Protect your Pelvic Floor after Childbirth

Further Resources

Pelvic Health Podcast

Discussions on a wide range of pelvic health issues (from chronic pain to ‘queefing’!) with The Physio Detective Antony Lo and Lori Forner. This podcast does get quite technical (lots of physio-speak) but is absolutely fascinating and balances humour and helpfulness extremely well:

The Pelvic Health Podcast

How Posture Helps to Have a Good Birth & Recovery

Your posture will affect the length and functionality of your muscles, often compromising them and weakening them. Optimising your posture allows the muscles to work as intended, which will enable a more active and less traumatic labour, and a quicker, more comprehensive recovery. Listen to this fascinating discussion with Pamela Windle of Smarter Change Hypnotherapy and Wellbeing