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Ode To Your Pelvic Floor

Oh pelvic floor,
Your duties are many,
From holding my guts in
To spending a penny
Oh pelvic floor muscles
If only I’d known
You’re key to core strength
And don’t function alone
Oh pelvic floor,
You’re part of gents and of ladies
And are key to the fun parts
Of making our babies
But when you’re not working
You don’t half let us know
From leaking while running
To pain on the throne
From back problems to butt ones
Toileting five times a night
It’s kind of embarrassing
So we keep our mouths tight.
And these problems do get worse
We feel put on a shelf
Hiding our issues
Thinking no one can help
But physio CAN help
We can find out what’s wrong
And give people hope that
One day it’ll be gone
Through hands on and learning
You get back in control
Exercises to fit your life
And plans for your goals
So pelvic floor rehab means
There’s rarely need for the knife
Physio can sort you
And gives knowledge for life.