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Sexual Health and Happiness Podcast: Education and Toys with Sam Evans of Jo Divine

Why is sex so difficult to talk about?

Why, despite the wealth of information out there, are so many people unable to enjoy a happy sex life?

Kathryn chats with former nurse Samantha Evans of sex toy website Jo Divine, busting myths, gaining fascinating insights and crucially loads of suggestions on where to find out more, how to research for yourself, how to talk to your medical provider and more.

Resources mentioned in this podcast see below: **warning: some links may contain explicit content – Arcadia is not responsible for any of the content on any of the sites linked below, and all are intended for educational purposes only**

Jo Divine – Samatha Evans, with links to her blogs

Sex Wise educational website:

Jane Lewis – Menopause information and vaginal atrophy

Teen sex education at Scarlet Teen

Mr Peter Greenhouse – Consultant in Sexual Health – follow on Twitter at @GreenhousePeter

Daisy Network – premature ovarian insufficiency (early menopause)

Justin Hancock – Sex educator and trainer

Alex Fox – Sex Educator

Erika Lust –adult film maker

The Porn Conversation – educating your children about pornography

Cindy Gallop –

Cindy’s TED talk – Make Love Not Porn