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What You Said

In November 2015, I sent out a little survey to my clients past and present, to ask what they have found good about Arcadia, and what in their opinions needs to improve.

Respondents were all visitors in the last 6 months, with a few still coming for sessions. This little blog is a summary of what you had to say… Huge thanks to all respondents for giving your time to help me improve!

How did you hear about Arcadia?

  • 20% came via recommendation, and another 20% via social media
  • 60% became aware of Arcadia through meeting me in person – all that wine and canapes have truly been worth it!

How long had the problem been occurring before you booked with Arcadia?

80% of people had been experiencing problems with their particular issue for over a year before they came to Arcadia. Nearly 60% had already gone to NHS or other private physiotherapy before trying me out. 20% were more acute issues that had been enduring for less than a month.

How long did it take to solve / improve your problem with Arcadia to the degree that you resumed your normal activities?

60% had found that within a month (1-3 sessions) their symptoms had reduced to the point that they had resumed normal activities again, with 20% receiving the same benefits within 2-3 months. I am still seeing the remaining 20%.

How would YOU rate the importance of the following aspects of physiotherapy in your recovery?

I was very gratified to hear that there was a good balance between the different factors contributing to recovery. I don’t seem to have developed ‘dependency’ on therapy in my clients (something the NHS is concerned may become the case with using hands-on treatments), with the most significantly rated factor being the exercises clients were given to do at home. This, in my opinion, comes hand in hand with new understanding and empowerment for people to take control of their situation and conquer their issue. I say it to so many patients – therapy can feel amazing, but it can’t last forever, and mainly creates a ‘window’ for change to start happening in your life.
Understanding of the solution to the problem was also important to you – and again something I’ve been keen to focus on. Knowledge is power – to understand what you are doing and why it will help is a powerful first step.

Aside from reducing pain and restoring function, did you gain any other benefits from your sessions with Arcadia?

  • Yes I am able to help myself more in order to prevent the problem from getting to the stage it was at before.
  • Gained knowledge of the body, which has made me a lot more aware of other weaknesses that have not yet become problematic, but might have.
  • I have now got a new chair at work which is helping along side the physio.

Was there anything that made Arcadia different for you, compared to other physiotherapists / clinics you have been to?


Kathryn is a lot more willing to explain and answer questions with out over simplifying. She also seems to keep very up to date with new techniques and practices.

And finally… What to improve?

As a business as a whole the lack of huge numbers of responses to this question was gladdening. There were some individual comments that have made me more aware of individuals’ expectations which were really helpful and I’ll address them with those who left their names at their next session.

Overall the main comments were on opening hours and availability – it seems you want more of me! This is certainly something I’ll be addressing in the New Year to make sure I can be there when you need me, within the limits of my one-man-band situation. Perhaps 2016 will bring more of you and consequently more physios at Arcadia…!