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A (Cautionary) Winter’s Tale

5th November 2015

If you don’t have time to read the whole of this blog, here’s the tall and the short of it. I used to be an angry driver. And then I fell in love. Then I got hit by a car. And now I am afraid. Honestly. I try my hardest to be a ‘nice’ person […]

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Shoulder Pain? Get Pushy!

20th October 2015

How come Arnold Schwarzenegger is so good at pushing people around? Well apart from his alarming size, he has excellent use of his Serratus Anterior – what I call the ‘Arnie Muscle’. Yes Folks, it’s not just a muscle for bodybuilders and boxers, we all have these. One of the more unusual muscles of the […]

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Every Breath You Take

15th October 2015

What takes your breath away? Sweeping vistas, the touch of a loved one, the thrill of achievement or physical exertion? Or could it also be other life events that affect your breathing for the longer term? Shock? Grief? Injury? Illness? Our amazing lungs are truly a work of art. Designed exactly like great many-leafed trees, […]

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Meeting Your Inner Knees

9th September 2015

My knees always blighted me in early life, constantly referred to by my siblings as my ‘knobbles’ and always pointing in funny directions. However, as a runner they have served me well, have got me through many traffic jams using clutch control and only complained mildly despite the awkward positions I put them in during […]

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What a Difference A View Makes

4th September 2015

On Tuesday this week, Arcadia turned One. A time for celebration, excitement and new horizons, for sure..? Yet for some reason I felt flat, disengaged from what it all ‘should’ mean. I hadn’t planned anything beyond the usual appointments, didn’t really get round to it somehow. Despite enthusiastic congratulations from friends, family and clients, to […]

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Osteopractor, Chirotherapist, Physiopath?!

12th August 2015

I am often asked what the difference is between Physiotherapy, Osteopathy and Chiropractice. In all honesty, the more I find out about these seemingly separate disciplines, the more they seem to have in common! So here’s a not-so-brief summary of what we share and what perhaps sets us apart. I will do my best to […]

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The Mirror is Your Friend!

22nd July 2015

When we think of a mirror, the following associations scan through our minds: Something we don’t want to see (blemishes, how tired we look, crazy hair, food in our beard) Classic film prop for revealing something unpleasant (lurking murderer, face from sordid past, etc) Bloomin’ expensive Even in a metaphorical sense, it has negative connotations: […]

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Massage: Method, Myth or Magic?

15th July 2015

In the beginning… there was massage. Thousands of years old, this discipline has been used to soothe tired muscles, promote healing and even as a pathway to meditation and enlightenment. On a more temporal bent, patients often ask me what effect it’s having, how it works and how long will any benefits last? This is […]

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Good Feeling – Myofascial Release

16th May 2015

I’ve got a good feeling Like I know how I’m feeling Scraping me off the ceiling Back to that good feeling… Now I find it hard living Wasting our time giving When will we all give in Into that good feeling? Travis – Good Feeling – 1997Whizzing down the M1 first thing this morning I […]

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Mad March Musings

31st March 2015

March has been a busy month of huge variety, as I suppose it should be with the daffodils bursting, the clocks changing and of course the ever-unpredictable weather! For Arcadia, there have been some fabulous opportunities, experiences and lessons learned. It’s only right to finally take a breath and reflect on all this madness, and […]

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The Knitting Physio

19th February 2015

Stumbling through slush on my way home from work one dark and stormy afternoon in December, I saw a shimmering light in the distance, a few doors up the hill from my clinic. Drawing closer, the glow became gradually clearer… it transformed into a kaleidoscope of colour, a wonderous mountain of wool! And at its […]

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Ode to a Tennis Ball

30th January 2015

The tennis ball: a humble sphere Whose gifts abound Within its cheer- Ful furry pate and sunny glow That bids forget this cold and snow. To grip it firm can Help the old Retrain their strength Aye, make them bold! When summer comes that aged lot Thanks to this ball Won’t need to drop. Aching […]

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